At velitt, we offer a comprehensive daycare program designed to help children develop important skills and values, such as self-respect and creativity. Our program features a variety of fun and engaging activities, including programming with Lego Spike, crafting, obstacle courses, kickboxing, fitness, dancing, and other sports. Our experienced and caring staff is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and grow.

velitt offers a wide range of daycare activities, helping kid develope self respect, programming with lego spike, craft, obstacles courses, kickboxing, fitnes, dancing and other sport

Our package includes


There are many benefits to practicing calisthenics, including increased strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. By using only your body weight, you can develop lean muscle mass without the need for expensive equipment. Calisthenics also helps to improve balance, coordination, and body control, which can enhance athletic performance.


Target practice, also known as shooting practice, is a popular recreational activity for many individuals. It involves using a firearm, typically a pistol, rifle or shotgun, to hit a designated target. The purpose of target practice is often to improve accuracy, aiming and shooting skills.


The exhilarating event known as a fun run is a truly exciting opportunity for individuals of all ages and abilities to come together and enjoy a lively and active experience with their peers. This gathering provides a chance to take part in a unique and memorable occasion, with a focus on fun, enjoyment, and physical activity.


One of the most valuable things an individual can do for themselves is to cultivate their abilities to meet a diverse assortment of challenges. By taking the time to develop an array of skills, a person can become better equipped to handle any obstacles that may come their way.


An obstacle course is a challenging and fun physical activity that involves accomplishing a series of tasks or challenges that require strength, agility, balance, and endurance. It is designed to push participants beyond their limits and test their abilities while providing a competitive and exhilarating experience.


The DRILL activity involves overcoming puzzles and physical challenges that require strategy, creativity, and quick thinking. It is an excellent opportunity for individuals and teams to work together and develop better communication skills as they tackle the challenges before them.


Being disciplined is an essential characteristic of success. To achieve success in any area of life, it is important to cultivate discipline. Discipline means having self-control, staying focused and committed to one's goals, and making the right choices even when it may not be the easiest or most convenient option.

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