The idea behind Flex Pulse is born from the belief that a healthy and active work environment not only promotes the physical well-being of employees but also enhances team dynamics and overall job satisfaction. In a world where the importance of well-being at work is increasingly recognized, Flex Pulse aims to have a positive impact on both the physical health and team spirit within your organization.

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"Vitality, Unity, Adaptability, Engagement, Success."

Enhanced Team Dynamics

Flex Pulse is not just a fitness program; it's a holistic well-being initiative. It addresses physical health, mental resilience, and team cohesion, fostering a comprehensive approach to employee wellness.

Enhanced Team Dynamics

By integrating team-building activities into the program, Flex Pulse strengthens interpersonal relationships, communication, and collaboration among team members. This leads to improved team dynamics and a more positive work environment.

Proven Success

The pilot in the IND department has demonstrated the success of Flex Pulse. The positive outcomes in terms of employee satisfaction, health improvement, and team synergy make it a tried-and-tested initiative.


Ingrid Sealy IND unit manager

A terrific way to get fit and healthy within workplace. As a veteran Roën managed to captivate and inspire the group from day one. The versatile program stimulated cooperation within the organization in a fun and active way. The program focused on overall health. Not only did we work on our physical health but we also focused on creating a healthy mindset, making healthy food choices and improving the overall work environment. The enthusiastic and profesional group of trainers offered a varied program in which everyone could participate. Apart from strengthening the team spirit, employees become more aware of healthier choices. Although the program was rolled out on the work floor, the effect also appeared to be noticeable outside working hours and employees were able to make healthier choices. I recommend this program wholeheartedly.

Flex Pulse- Community

Thriving together, fostering well-being, and building stronger connections for lasting success.” encompasses a variety of components, including study skills training, tutoring services, mentorship opportunities, academic advising.